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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
787 JacORB ORB gerald.brose NEW --- RTT is not working as expected when connection isn't established 2015-07-01
723 JacORB ORB gerald.brose NEW --- Boxed valuetype sequences are marshaled incorrectly 2012-08-19
1021 JacORB ORB jacorb-bugs NEW --- Incomplete handling of jacorb.interop.indirection_encoding_disable property 2016-01-28
1032 JacORB ORB jacorb-bugs NEW --- IOR is not connecting to correct device 2016-06-02
1033 JacORB ORB jacorb-bugs NEW --- The duplicate ORB related classe for Jacorb 3.7 and IBM thinclient-, whcih casue the our EJB accessing failed. 2016-07-05
1091 JacORB ORB jacorb-bugs NEW --- COMM_FAILURE thrown instead of TRANSIENT after a server restart 2016-11-21
1026 JacORB ORB mesnierp ASSI --- Bidirectional GIOP does not work with multi-homed onmiorb clients 2016-07-01
950 JacORB ORB jacorb-bugs REOP --- GIOP 1.1 - Fragmented Messages 2013-08-21
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