JacORB Authors and Contributors

The following people have contributed to the JacORB implementation.
If you would like to join us, please read our Guidelines for Contributing.

Notification Service
SSL support
IDL compiler contributions
(Hype) ORB core, IDL compiler, Dynamic Any, Interface Repository, Naming and original Event services, etc.
Event Service
Dynamic Any, Testing, Maintenance
(Red Hat) ORB Core, PortableInterceptors, MIOP, IDL Compiler, QoS, Performance, Testing, Maintenance    (Project Maintainer/Lead)
Code Set Support
(OCI) Testing, Maintenance
Domain Management Service (discontinued)
(MicroFocus) Testing, Maintenance
(OCI) Testing, Maintenance
Appligator, HTTP tunneling support
Trader extensions, Implementation Repository and GUI, Portable Interceptors, SSL support, Bidirectional GIOP etc.
(PrismTech) Appligator, Testing, Maintenance
RMI valuetypes
Transaction Service
OBV, AMI, QoS, ETF, Regression Test Framework
Collection and Concurrency Service
POA, POAMonitor

JacORB is developed as free software. If you appreciate open source projects and free software, you might also want to have a look at TAO and MICO, two free C++-ORBs that JacORB interoperates well with.